• Fieldbus Communication Slave IO Module

    Fieldbus Communication Slave IO Module

    EIO1616 is a digital input and output extension module developed by Rtelligent based on EtherCAT bus communication. EIO1616 has 16 NPN single-ended common anode input ports and 16 common cathode output ports, 4 of which can be used as PWM output functions. In addition, the series of extension modules have two installation ways for customers to choose.

  • PLC product presentation

    PLC product presentation

    The RX3U series controller is a small PLC  developed by Rtelligent technology,  Its command specifications are fully compatible with Mitsubishi FX3U series controllers, and its features include supporting 3 channels of 150kHz high-speed pulse output, and supporting 6 channels of 60K single-phase high-speed counting or 2 channels of 30K AB-phase high-speed counting.